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Cash For Cars Las Vegas

  • Junk cars,used cars, total cars and unwanted cars:
    Our testimonials speak for themselves, we offer cash for cars las vegas area.
  • Simple phone call:
    Call us, we are local and talk to one of the owners and not a sales rep.

We've been in the cash for cars industry for about 30 years now and we are based out of Las Vegas. So when you call, you're talking to one of the locals in the cash for cars industry.We are expert who will not try to rip you off for a quick flip. We provide the best price for your cars, unwanted vehicles and if we cant we will refer the best options for you to sell and get the best cash for cars offer in Las Vegas, Henderson,North Las Vegas, Boulder City area.

Here are some of the FAQ :

  • How fast can I get an offer?Your offer can be instant. Based on the information you provide about your  vehicle. We can provide a on the spot offer or at least give you an estimate on how much your vehicle is worth it.
  • Do you come pick up the vehicle?Yes, if we can strike a deal then we will setup an appointment with you and pay in cash and pick the vehicle in person.
  • Whats you payment method?Once we inspect and make sure the vehicle is as described, we will provide the payment in cash in person.
  • Do you guarantee your service?Yes, we have hundreds of satisfied customers in Las Vegas area, who have received top dollar for their vehicle/unwanted cars.

A crappy vehicle can really be a black hole for your budget and time. A defected or damaged car can consume a lot of money, patience, and space on your driveway or in your yard. How many times did you say you’re going to fix it, just to be drawn back by the large costs of this process? Yes, many people don’t think about getting rid of their old cars, thinking that they will fix them someday. But, fixing a car often requires a consistent budget. Many of us don’t have that much money available or are not willing to spend all of it on a car.


Or you may avoid disposing of your junk car thinking that you won’t get anything for it. So, you decide to hold onto it, dreaming that you will be able to repair it one day. Let’s face it, when do you think that will really happen? It may be time to let your vehicle go. And the best part about it is that you can get paid for doing it. Yes, you heard that right. You can get cash for cars in Las Vegas, including bad vehicles. You don’t have to do anything about it, as the service will help you save money and effort. No towing the car is involved, at least not from your side. All you have to do is to submit a request on a website, wait for an appraisal, and have your vehicle lifted in no time.


Just think about it, the money you get can represent an advance payment for a new car. If it never occurred to you that your old car can bring you money, now you know that it is possible. Those living in Las Vegas should definitely try our service out. Don’t let that crappy vehicle occupy space on your lawn any longer. Get it removed and allow grass to grow back. You’ll do some cleaning and get paid for choosing this option. Instead of wasting money trying to get it fixed, you could actually earn some money by giving it away to the right people.


How does this work? The entire process is straightforward and will take just a few minutes from your time. If you have a car you no longer want, give us a call or submit a request on our website, by using our online form. We are a local company, so you can be sure that we will be prompt and we’ll get rid of your car very fast. Also, we know the local market when it comes to cars, so we will offer a realistic amount of money on your car. After all, who pays for a junk car? It is one of those opportunities you shouldn’t miss. You should know that we’ve been activating in this domain for more than three decades already. So, we are not a joke and we’re definitely not trying to reap off people. We managed to get so many years of activity because we are fair and offer the best services and support for our customers. Besides Las Vegas, we also serve North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.


How fast will you know the worth of your junk car? Well, this depends on how much information you’re able to provide. If we have everything we need, we could make an offer on the spot. If not, the best we can do is to offer an estimate, giving you the real sum once we manage to assess your vehicle. What happens if you want the car to be removed? Don’t worry about it because we’ll take care of this aspect. If we agree to make a deal, we will come an get your car as soon as it is possible. The appointment for the pick-up is made together with you, so you can be home when this happens. This is important because we will give you cash once we come to get your car.


As you can see, you don’t have to worry about bank accounts and wire payments. We don’t even care what bank you prefer. We pay in cash, at the moment when we come to take your junk car away. So, we make in-person payments to the one that required our services. That cash goes straight to your pocket and you’re free to do whatever you please with it.


You don’t believe this is actually possible? Why don’t you check us out then? We already helped a high number of people in Las Vegas get rid of their old cars and paid them the best amount of money possible. Our satisfied customers are the real reflection that we do our best to make everybody happy. We remove junk cars off your property and give you money because you let us do this. There’s no reason holding onto a pile of scrap metal when you can give it away for money. It doesn’t matter if the car is still functioning or it’s total junk because we’ll pay for it anyway. The amount of money we offer is indeed based on the car’s state, but, nevertheless, we pay for every car we take away.


If you want to take advantage of cash for cars in Las Vegas, do contact us. You could probably use the money we offer more than you use that junk car you own. Give us the chance to make you an offer. You don’t have to say yes right away. Take the time to think about it, if you want, and call us back when you’re ready. But, trust us on this, your driveway or yard will look much better without a junk car parked there. Join our group of happy customers and you’ll not regret the choice you made. We pay much more than you’ll be able to get if you take your car to the junkyard. Not to mention that in this case, you’ll have to pay for the towing if you can’t start the car. With us, no stress and worries are involved. You wait comfortably for us to come and pay up.

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