How Much Is Your Junk Car Worth In Las Vegas?

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You got a junk car/truck/bike that is clogging up your driveway or garage and want to get rid of that? every one you call is low balling you? don’t know how much your clunker is worth?! Worry not, this article will help you understand the worth of your junk car in Las Vegas, Henderson,North Las Vegas, Boulder City area.

First off, please be realistic in your price goals. Just because it was your first car or truck and had great memories in them and still kinda works is not a good reason why it would be worth atleast $$$$. Most of the cash for cars las vegas buyers are flippers so they need to factor in price of repairs and flip, so they will provide the lowest bid.

So how can you evaluate the best price? you go to Kelly blue book (KBB) sell your vehicle estimate and enter a honest evaluation of your vehicle. This will give you a price estimate for the market value in that area.

Now, to get the true value cut the trade-in range price in half and thats what car flippers will offer you. Don’t be alarmed, this gives you an advantage! now you’ve got the leverage on how much you’re vehicle is truly worth and negotiate a better rate.

For example: we’ve picked a 2002 GMC Seirra 1500 Regular Cab Short Bed and entered all the appropriate. True trade in value will be ~$1300 depending on the bells and whistles. But the true cash value for junk car buyers for the vehicle is around $550.

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Las Vegas Junkyards

You’re second option would be junkyards that will pay you less than $100 or in some cases no money for your junk cars but free to get it towed off or worst case pay them to tow away you junker.

Is junk car really worth repairing?

Granted many of you might not like your options of the tire kicker options,but if you fix up your car and have it detailed, you could do a private sale and get more for your vehicle.

But sometime your junk car is simply junk that is sucking all you money and taking up your space in the driveway because you decided you’ll be working on it during your spare time.

Thing about old cars and junker are that they tend to break apart all the time. You can fix that leaky sun roof but in few weeks you’ll have to deal with an electric issue that requires you to make few trips to autozone to borrow that free diagnosis tool.

This never ending back and forth trips along with money spent will add up eventually.

But what if you got rid if that junker for quick cash and put that as down payment towards a newer car with less issues or take your family out for a nice treat?!

Think about it,we’ve all been there and sometimes your nostalgia for the car might not translate to true $$$ but keep on looking around or give us a call below.

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